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The Conclusion

Cat Laying TogetherDon’t get me wrong as with all processes this will take time and do not get discouraged if it does not work on the first attempt. I feel the reason our cats were so easily introduced was because they had already seen and felt each other during the first three days so after the introduction process they already had a certain level of knowledge about one another. Also another thing to remember is that all cats have different temperaments, personalities, and cat types and each cat will react differently. The suggestion we received was a week for each step or until each cat was comfortable. We did it during the time frames I have mentioned because they were definitely comfortable. I do not suggest you try this if your cat appears uncomfortable. Cats are not like humans and will not just deal with the stress and play nice.

Today I can say this process created a friendship between our cats that we would never have guessed possible by the way things were when we first put them together. I am so happy to have gone back to the shelter and had spoken with someone who knew what to do. I wanted to share this information and our experience in detail so that you do not have to travel the same road we did at first. Most of my pictures here are of our actual cats and both of them have our cats relaxing together. These are moments I have captured while the cats were just being themselves it was not something I have set up to look good on the internet. Although this probably can be done since they are now so comfortable with one another they are hard to separate. The hard part now is getting them to stay still because they are constantly playing and rough housing with one another. I truly hope this makes a difference for you and your cats. I hope this process will allow you to have the relationship that we have with our cats and that our cats have with each other.

Giving my cats a good environment to go through this whole process all made things that much easier. Instead of having two cats who were unsure of the place they were living we had one who had all of the cat toys, cat trees, and cat comfort products she could ask for. We certainly did not leave out anything for our cats because we love them very much and through all of this we have learned the correct way to do things and the not so correct way to do things. We were also able to get a lot of helpful information on the items we had for our cat that would be good to have and what was not so good to have. This came in handy because when introducing two cats it’s always a good idea to have two of certain things such as food and water bowls, litter boxes, cat beds, and anything else they may want to use on their own without the new cats presence. Over all it has been a great experience and I do not regret one moment of it because all the information I have gotten and things I have learned about cats has truly enhanced all our lives!

As always please share any information you may have because it could make the difference between making a miserable experience and making a great one for you and your cat.